Which Portable Ice Maker Should You Purchase?

For picnics worthy of a Michelin star, your cocktails will need to be as crisp and chilled as those served by the professional mix master at the trendy haunt down the street. Only portable ice makers can guarantee you a frosted glass at the beach. If you consider yourself an amateur mixologist, you need to establish the product that will serve your bartending needs best.

-1. What is your favorite drink?

No single model ticks all the boxes as the ‘best portable ice maker,’ but it is possible to find the product that matches your personal mixing needs flawlessly. You only have to ask the right questions.

a) Connoisseurs: If you take your mixology skills seriously, your ice crunching needs will be extensive. You will be aware that every drink has its own unique chilling demands. You wouldn’t dream of putting a cube in your Chardonnay, and your mojitos are served with crushed ice, never cubes. Aficionados need ice makers that provide three different sizes. With distilled water and metal trays, you can produce trendy clear cubes. Bullet ice capacity gives you the closest portable alternative to nuggets.

b) Families: If your bartending needs extend to non-alcoholic beverages and satisfying youthful sugar cravings, an ice shaver lets you create snow cones and and mocktails suited to younger family members, whilst simultaneously giving you a simple way to chill your drink. Specialist models come with syrups and pour spouts.

c) Professionals: If your mixing talent is so profound that people pay you to exercise it, safety and bulk will be your chief concerns. Stainless steel is the most hygienic material for catering grade equipment, and self-cleaning cycles are a necessity. The dispensing mechanism should keep ice away from skin exposure. High volume production delivers 30 pounds of ice within 30 minutes. Your repetitive work demands that your machine is ergonomically designed for lightning speed mixing that is unlikely to lead to repetitive strain injuries.

-2. How large is your crowd?

Traditional portable ice machines produce 26 pounds daily in 30 minute cycles. Heavy drinkers and university students need 35 pounds of daily capacity, with a six minute production cycle. Adequate on hand supply for rowdier parties is supplied by an ice machine with a storage capacity of four pounds.

-3. How large is your conscience?

Energy Star rated portable ice machines shrink your carbon footprint whilst keeping your thirst at bay. Government ranked products are subject to money-saving rebates on purchase. Energy efficiency will also reduce your utility bills without presenting diminished functionality.

-4. How hands on are you?

Nifty features allow your ice maker to operate without your help. Programmable timers put your portable ice machines into full, independent operation. Full ice basket indicators further diminish the energy you need to spend on your cube-making. Some models don’t even need you to think about drainage. The most independent portable ice makers automatically recycle water into the chilling zone. Automatic shut off lets you host your party without concerning yourself with electricity wastage.

-5. How noise-sensitive are you?

The innovative products that have been introduced to the market most recently operate silently. The hubbub-producing features to avoid if you want a quiet product are a loud fan and a poorly sealed bin that does not dampen the sound of ice dropping into the basket.

 Final Considerations

The look and compactness of your portable product will influence its weight and its value as a part of décor. Stainless steel and platinum designs offer peak durability and functional aesthetics. Portable ice maker reviews reveal a range of designs to suite every home.













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